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General Questions for Employers

What is It’s Academic Jobs and Recruiting?

It’s Academic is a specialized academic recruiting agency and career site. We focus purely on jobs related to education, and support all types of organizations that require academic professionals and support staff. We primarily work with K-12 schools, colleges, and universities but we also help international exchange programs, language and vocational institutions, private companies, early childhood education programs, summer camps, and after-school programs.  We provide executive search and high volume recruitment services for employers who would like to outsource their hiring project and have one of our professionally trained academic search consultants manage the entire recruiting process from start to finish. Employers can also post their own jobs on our job board, and manage their candidates directly.

How do I set up an account?

If you would like to post a job or purchase any of our other recruitment solutions click the Sign Up link located in the upper right-hand corner and make sure you create an Employer account. Enter your account information and continue the registration process. Once you are set up, you can purchase job posting credits or other recruiting solutions, post jobs, manage your applications and set up your employer profile in your account settings.

What kind of candidates do you have in your database?

Since 2008, we have cultivated a network of tens of thousands of qualified academic professionals. Sign Up to advertise your posting to our large, but highly focused network of potential candidates, including K-12 teachers, post-secondary faculty, administrators, marketing and admissions specialists, and more.

Do you allow employers to search resumes or see candidates in your system?

In order to protect our candidates’ privacy, we do not allow employers to search resumes or see candidate information. If a candidate applies to your job, you will be able to view their resume and other attached documents from the Applicants page in your account.

Which currencies do you accept payment in?

It’s Academic is a Canadian company based out of British Columbia. Any employer who posts a job from Canada will be charged in Canadian dollars plus the appropriate provincial tax. If your company is located in US or any other country, you will automatically be billed in USD with no additional tax added.

Job Posting

How do I post a job on your website?

To post a job on our website, Sign Up for an Employer Account, then go to the Job Postings page, and click Post a Job. If you haven’t purchased any job posts yet, you’ll be prompted to choose a job post type (Standard, Featured, or an Unlimited Job Posting subscription) before you fill in the job post information. Afterwards you will head to checkout to purchase the post. If you already have a job post purchased, simply select it and create your post.

Once a job post is completed, please expect a wait of a few hours before it is approved and activated. You’ll receive an email when your post is live.

How much do job postings cost?

You can purchase single job postings, or subscribe to an Unlimited Job Posting package which offers the best value for employers who post multiple jobs in a year. Learn more about our job postings and make your purchase from our Services & Fees page.

How do I pay for your job posting services?

Job posts can be purchased through credit card or invoice. You will be prompted to choose an option at the checkout, and if you choose to pay via invoice, you can visit our Secure Payment Portal later on to pay by card, or send a cheque directly to our mailing address.

Do you allow recruiting agencies or advertising companies to post on your job board?

Yes! However, recruiting and advertising agencies must provide the name of the organization or school they are representing for each post they wish to publish, and the organization must be accredited by the appropriate governing body in their jurisdiction. Furthermore, the organization or employers name can remain confidential in the public posting, but must be supplied to our internal team in order for the job to be approved and posted. Finally, agencies and advertisers recruiting on behalf of an employer cannot set up a customized Employer Profile Page on our website.

Can I get a company profile page on your website to display my postings?

Yes, you can! When you sign up as an employer, you automatically get a public Employer Profile Page. Simply go to your Company Profile under My Account, fill in the relevant information fields and make sure your account visibility is set to Public.

What if I want to keep our organization strictly confidential when we post a job?

Employers can choose to have their information remain confidential. Go to the Company Profile under My Account, and change the account visibility setting to Private. No Employer Profile Page will be available if you choose to remain confidential, and your job posts will not include the name of your institution or company logo.

Why don’t you allow multiple jobs in one job post?

We only allow one type of job per post. This way your results will be more targeted, and our job seekers can find accurate job opportunities based on their search.

How do I end my Unlimited Job Posts subscription?

We’ll be sorry to see you go, but if you do need to end your subscription, please send us an email at hello@itsacademicjobs.com and we can cancel it for you.

Executive Search

Why should I choose your Executive Search service?

Our Executive Search offers a comprehensive, professional and reasonably priced recruitment service that is perfect for senior-level positions and other challenging recruiting projects. Our experienced consultants specialize in academic recruitment, and will create a campaign tailor-made to your needs, with access to our extensive network of candidates. Using a professional service reduces internal costs, and our guaranteed quality of hire protects you from the risks associated with recruiting directly. We also offer a unique fee model where you pay a small one-time fee to launch your campaign, and a placement fee is only charged if we find your ideal candidate. Start an executive search today by calling 1-888-814-4227 internationally, or 1-604-637-5758 in North America.

How do you charge for your Executive Search services?

We offer our clients a unique blended retainer and contingency model in order to keep our fees more flexible and reasonable than traditional, and frequently over-priced, recruiting firms. A small, initial Search Fee is required to launch your search campaign, and ONLY if we are successful in finding an ideal candidate who you decide to hire is a final Placement Fee invoiced. To learn more, or to launch your search today visit our Executive Search page.

How do we begin a recruitment search with It's Academic?

To start an Executive Search, please fill out the form on our Request a Proposal page or call 1-888-814-4227. All information will remain strictly confidential. We will discuss the project, provide a detailed proposal and then we can launch the search right away.

What do we get as part of the Search Fee?

When you start a recruitment search with It’s Academic you get our 100% commitment to recommend suitable candidates for your job opportunity as soon as possible. The search period lasts for up to 12 weeks and includes qualitative market research and consulting, targeted job postings, and customized email and social media campaigns, all carried out by an experienced academic recruiter who will work directly with you.

What are the main steps you follow when you carry out a recruitment search?

  1. We begin with detailed research and competitive analysis.
  2. We develop the job posting and a marketing strategy to launch the search.
  3. We identify potential candidates through careful research, marketing and targeted communications.
  4. Once we have a list of finalists, we will further assess them and conduct in-depth background screening.
  5. After our assessment, we will shortlist candidates for you, and together we’ll schedule final interviews.
  6. When you have selected a final candidate, we can perform further reference checks and conduct testing. We can also help with the job offer, negotiation support and any relocation logistics if required.
  7. Once the candidate has had a chance to settle into the position, we will follow up to make sure everything is going well. You can have peace of mind with our Complete Performance Guarantee.

What research do you do when you begin a recruiting project?

Our research starts with the initial job vacancy information you supply, and continues with further interviews with you or your search committee to determine the organizational culture, needs assessment, terms, and benefits of the role. We then perform a competitive analysis of other similar opportunities and campaigns. Once we have all the information, we will consult with you closely to develop a compelling pitch for your opportunity and begin our targeted communication with high-value candidates.

What do you do in order to source high quality candidates for us?

We begin to recruit for your specific position(s) by drafting a compelling job posting and pitch, then we leverage multiple channels to get that message out. This includes communicating to our private network, multiple affiliated websites and social media audiences, and reaching out to targeted passive job seekers. We ensure you reach the widest possible audience, without any additional fees. We can also carry out a search confidentially, allowing you to make controlled personnel changes in your organization with the least amount of disruption or conflict.

What kind of screening and vetting do you do?

We cater our screening techniques to your needs. For example, you may require special tests or you may prefer to do the final reference checks yourself. Regardless of the project, our recruiting consultants are experienced at identifying potential candidates, evaluating their education and professional history, and using custom-designed behavioral based interviews to qualitatively evaluate applicants.

Do you use video interviews?

Yes, we sometimes conduct our own video interviews, and many of our clients also prefer to use video interviews to evaluate the candidates that we recommend. We’ll be happy to help you schedule any interviews.

Can you schedule interviews for us?

Yes, once the search process has reached an advanced stage, we can schedule an in-person interview with you or your team, and also assist in validating a candidate’s professional references. This thorough and efficient process will ensure you are 100% ready and confident to make a final employment offer while speeding up your hiring process and improving the quality of your hires.

Can you help with the employment offer?

It’s Academic can assist with the communication of the employment offer. The candidate may then choose to accept, make a counter offer or potentially decline the offer. If a candidate declines, It’s Academic will continue to recruit for your vacancy.

When is your Placement Fee payable after a candidate is hired?

After a candidate signs an employment agreement, It’s Academic recruiting fees are invoiced at the end of the month and payable within 14 days.

What if the person I hire doesn’t work out?

Sometimes it happens – even after multiple interviews and successful reference reports, some candidates just don’t work out. The advantage of working with It’s Academic is that we fully guarantee our candidate’s performance. Should they quit, or perform poorly in the initial stage of their employment, we will work to find you a replacement, free of charge and as quickly as possible to mitigate the cost and disruption of this unfortunate event.

What happens if you don’t hire a candidate within 12 weeks?

Our goal is to fill your vacancy as quickly as possible but there are variables that can affect the outcome. If we do not find your ideal candidate within 12 weeks from the launch, we will provide you a detailed summary of what we have completed so far, as well as what recommendations we have to get better results if you choose to continue. At that point, an additional Search Fee may or may not be billed in order to continue the project.

High Volume & International Search Service

What is your High Volume and International Recruitment Service?

Some recruiting projects require you to hire multiple teachers or staff. We are happy to customize our fees based on a volume model to make it more practical for you to work with us. Furthermore, some international universities and government agencies have pre-defined recruiting terms. If this is the case for your organization, please provide us with your recruiting requirements here and we will be happy to discuss the details.

How do we begin a High Volume Search?

Please provide us with the details of your recruiting needs here and we will send you a proposal. You can also phone us toll free at 1-888 814 4227. We can help you source and secure the very best candidates available for teaching, administrative and senior management job vacancies in your academic organization.

If we haven’t answered your questions, please fill in the form above, send us an email or call us toll-free at 1-888-814-4227.