Teacher - Northern K-12 Teachers (full-time)

  • Teach For Canada
  • START DATE: 02/09/2019
  • Northern Ontario and Manitoba
  • CONTRACT TYPE: 1-Year Renewable
  • Africa
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Job Overview

Full-time, K-12 Northern Classroom Teachers

Teach For Canada is recruiting teachers for full-time classroom positions in First Nations in northern Ontario and Manitoba. Successful candidates will start teaching in September 2019.




Teaching and Support

Teachers will spend 2+ years working in the North during which time they can take advantage of our teacher development program, which includes three types of supports:

  • Professional: Develop through a mentor, AQ reimbursements, and classroom coaching
  • Peer: Connect and be part of a community of Teach For Canada teachers, both virtually and in-person
  • Personal: Check-in through e-surveys, our visits, and care packages.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Certified or certification-eligible to teach in a Canadian province or territory
  • Legal working status in Canada for the minimum two-year teaching commitment
  • Available to attend the Summer Enrichment Program from July 13 - August 3 (all-expenses covered)
  • Able to relocate and teach full-time in a rural First Nations community


Who we look for:

  • You have a strong, flexible teaching practice and are inclusive of all students. You may work with students who are below grade level or have to teach outside of your subject specialization. Our Teacher Development team will support you by providing 2 years of classroom support and Additional Qualification reimbursements.
  • You are resilient and have established self-care strategies to overcome challenges. You can sometimes feel isolated and lonely, especially when trying to explain life in the community to family and friends. We will support you with a community of like-minded peers and an alumni network of mentors.
  • You want to work collaboratively with community members to incorporate local knowledge. It can be difficult to integrate First Nation cultures and languages, especially if it is new to you. Our Summer Enrichment Program will support you through workshops on Indigenous histories, cultures, and locally-responsive teaching approaches.


As an organization that works with Indigenous communities, we value Indigenous perspectives in our program and encourage Indigenous candidates to apply.

Additional Details

2019 Selection Process:

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and you will hear back within 2 weeks of submission. The upcoming round of selection will be:

  • Introductory Interviews:  Apr 26-27, May 3-4, May 22, June 7-8
  • Fit Interviews: May 10-12, June 14-16
  • Reference Checks: May 14-31, June 17-July 5
  • Offers extended:  June 3, July 8
  • Selected teachers matched with communities: May 15-Aug 25


Suggested Next Steps:

Employer Description

Why we exist:

Education in Canada is a success story, but high overall quality masks deep inequality. The twin challenges of teacher supply and turnover compound historical injustice and systemic inequities to produce an education gap between First Nations and non-First Nations communities.


Teach for Canada is a non-profit organization that works with northern communities to recruit, prepare, and support committed teachers who will improve student outcomes in the North.

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