Science Lab Technician (Part-time 20 hours per week)

  • Stratford Hall
  • START DATE: 26/08/2019
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • CONTRACT TYPE: Part Time
  • North America
Teaching / Faculty Jobs K-12 School

Job Overview

Founded in 2000, Stratford Hall is located in the heart of East Vancouver. An innovative International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, serving students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, Stratford Hall has grown steadily under the care of inspiring leaders and talented and thoughtful teachers and support staff. Over the past 18 years, the school’s graduates have matriculated to outstanding post-secondary institutions in Canada, the United States, and abroad.

Stratford Hall is seeking a qualified and experienced Science Lab Technician (Part-time 20 hours per week) to join our faculty beginning August 26, 2019.

Position Rationale and Goal:

The Science Laboratory Technician’s (Lab Technician) main aim is to facilitate the appropriate use of the MYP and DP lab spaces by supporting teachers and students in the design and implementation of labs in a safe, organized and well-prepared learning environment.

Candidate Profile and Qualifications:

Candidates for any position at the school are expected to possess:

  • Fluent communication skills in English, both spoken and
  • Strong organizational, communication, administrative and interpersonal
  • The ability to work both independently and collaboratively as part of a team

Qualifications should include:

  • Eligibility for Canadian residency; and
  • A university degree with a science emphasis

For this position, the ideal candidate will have:

  • Experience in a school-lab

Health and safety 

  • Develop a vertical scope and sequence for lab safety and training
  • Develop a health, safety and environmental affairs (HS&E) policy statement and monitor its implementation, including equipment checks, involving teachers and students as appropriate
  • Conduct laboratory inspections to identify and correct hazardous conditions and unsafe practices
  • Ensure that all science lab related incidents are reported in writing and then discussed as required
  • Involve students and employees in simulated occupational health and safety act (OHSA) inspections
  • Assess experiments with hazards or potential hazards for Senior School applicability
  • Ensure that pre-lab/pre-experiment discussions include consideration of health and safety aspects
  • Ensure that teachers, students and employees are familiar with, and abide by, laboratory safety rules, procedures and practices including:
    • explosion, poisoning, chemical spill or vapor release, electric shock, bleeding and personal contamination
  • Manage and dispose chemicals in a legal, safe and ecologically manner

Teacher and Student Support 

  • Utilize the lab request system for teachers
  • Assemble materials and equipment for each lab in a central area or on individual trays
  • Prepare chemical solutions
  • Maintain a lab space booking system
  • Act as a resource for teachers for finding science supplies
  • Coordinate between MYP and DP lab schedules and equipment
  • Maintain lab experiment handbooks and databases
  • Conduct in class demonstrations from time to time as required
  • Oversee and support labs from time to time
  • Provide support with science fair, Personal Project, Internal Assessment and Extended Essays during daily lunch hours

Maintenance, Purchasing and Inventory

  • Manage the chemicals and equipment and establish a request system so as to maintain inventory, equipment and consumables sufficient for groups of up to 25 students in the lab
  • Organize, label and inventory all materials and chemicals
  • Ensure daily lab clean up
  • Equipment checks between MYP and DP labs
  • Oversee and repair of lab equipment
  • Order all chemicals and science equipment within the lab budget

Professional Development and Support

  • Research and design new labs that align with the curriculum for Chemistry, Biology and Physics
  • Develop strategies to support and enhance learning through the scientific method
  • Train teachers to perform experiments involving Vernier probes and other analytical instrumentation

 All interested candidates should forward their resumes addressed to the Senior School Principal.

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