IB Diploma Programme Coordinator

  • Lowell High School
  • START DATE: 04/12/2018
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • CONTRACT TYPE: Annual Contract
  • North America
Teaching / Faculty Jobs K-12 School

Job Overview

LHS, an IB Diploma Program candidate school, is looking for an IB DP Coordinator to join our team as we expand our student enrollment in the 2019-­‐2020 school year. Successful candidates will have a proven track record of reaching beyond excellent teaching and administrative work to demonstrate ambition and a desire to improve the contours of 21st century education. We are looking for a detail-­‐oriented person who likes the challenge and hard work associated with a young school.

The role of the DP Coordinator is crucial to the successful development and implementation of the Programme. At LHS, we provide sufficient time, resources and administrative support to undertake the many duties required of this position. The LHS environment is collaborative and cooperative, and we expect our IB Coordinator to work closely with our Head of School, and IB-­‐trained and willing staff.  The LHS IB Coordinator will receive any necessary training introduced by the IBO in the future.


In an interview, candidates will be able to clearly articulate a coherent image of the results they most want to create in life alongside a realistic assessment of the current reality of their lives today. They show an awareness of interdependency of school systems and how to deal with the forces that shape the consequences of their actions. They are skillful in discussion, especially in small groups, and can talk safely and productively about challenging and discomfiting ideas.

The work is demanding-­‐-­‐our students are international students, many of whom are striving to gain university and college admission. It is rewarding personally and professionally. LHS strives to present rich professional development opportunities. Salaries are commensurate with experience.


British Columbia TRB Certified

5+ years teaching experience preferred

2+ years IB leadership experience

Additional Details

LHS IB DP Coordinator’s Job Description –November 2018

  1. Reports to the Head of School.
  2. Is in charge of all communication with the
  3. Sets up, hosts, and leads any visits from the IBO or IB
  4. Is directly responsible for the implementation of the IB DP, including managing the process that ensures that all guidelines are
  5. Is responsible for ensuring that the Head of School is kept abreast of all developments and events concerning the IB
  6. Plans (with the faculty of the related sections of the school) and leads any meetings or portions of meetings relating to the IB DP, including meetings with Teachers, Coordinators of CAS, TOK and
  7. Writes, edits, and disseminates an IB DP Strategic Plan for the approval of the Head of School, which must also fit into other school
  8. Plans and implements the Extended Essay and provides training for teachers/supervisors for the Extended
  9. Liaises with teachers about the IB DP;
    1. Responsible for ensuring that teachers have and read essential
    2. Responsible for the dissemination to teachers of relevant IB DP
    3. Responsible (with the support and assistance from the administration) for the induction of new teachers in to the
    4. Is responsible for ensuring that all relevant or required documentation is maintained and up to date on the computer
    5. Is responsible for ensuring that the Learner Profile attributes are addressed throughout the
    6. Registers teachers for IB DP
    7. Decides (together with the faculty) about the subjects LHS registers for monitoring of


  1. Assists all secondary teachers (e.g., the IT specialists) in integrating their curriculum areas with the IB DP and ensuring that IB DP guidelines are
  2. Works with the Head Teacher to coordinate collaborative planning between the different
  3. Assists the Head Teacher in creating a plan for the orientation and planning of new
  4. Ensures that all appropriate people (Head of School, Teachers) are kept abreast of IB DP issues and
  5. Works with the school administration to ensure that ordered resources are appropriate for the IB

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