DP Coordinator

  • Stratford Hall
  • START DATE: 01/02/2019
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • CONTRACT TYPE: Temporary / Contract
  • North America
Teaching / Faculty Jobs K-12 School

Job Overview


The IB Coordinators are considered the curriculum leaders in the school. As an authorized school in British Columbia, Stratford Hall is required to meet the requirements of the BC Ministry of Education. The PYP and MYP Coordinators must ensure that the Stratford Hall curriculum meets the standards put forth by the BC Ministry of Education. DP courses are given full equivalency by the Ministry. The DP Coordinator must ensure that courses offered by Stratford Hall meet the equivalency standards. It is also expected that the IB Coordinators connect with other local IB schools, and their coordinators, and participate in the activities of the BCAIBWS (BC Association of IB World Schools).

Ideal Candidate Profile and Qualifications:

Candidates for any position at the school are expected to possess: 

  • Fluent communication skills in English, both spoken and written 
  • Strong organizational, communication, administrative and interpersonal skills
  • The ability to work both independently and collaboratively as part of a team 


  • Those listed on the Stratford Hall Teacher Job Description plus 5+ years of successful IB teaching experience (preferred)

Key Responsibilities of an IB Coordinator:

  • Model and encourage a culture of kindness in support of the IB Learner Profile
  • Collaboration
    • Work with the Principals and Head of School to establish the strategic directions of the programs
    • Work with Learning Specialists/Curriculum Leads to ensure that curriculum development has vertical cohesion
    • Work with teachers to ensure they are supported in meeting all IB and BC Ministry requirements
    • Contribute to the development and management of budgets for professional development, technology, teaching resources and program requirements
  • IB Leadership
    • Inform all relevant staff of developments and new publications from the IBO and ensure that they have online accounts with the OCC and IBIS
    • Ensure that all regulations set by the IBO concerning programmes, procedures, and standards and practices are adhered to properly as laid out in “Principles to Practice” documents
    • Engage in short- and long-term planning to continually strengthen the programme 
    • Ensure that IB and Stratford Hall core elements are applied throughout the grades within each programme with a focus on Approaches to Learning and Approaches to Teaching
    • Lead the five-year IB Evaluation processes including the self-study
  • Pedagogical Leadership
    • Serve as a pedagogical leader in assisting teachers to develop as outstanding educators
    • Plan for regular meetings with and between all teachers within their program to review and cocreate curriculum documentation on an on-going basis
    • Support the equitable opportunity for the professional development and growth of staff
    • Establish ways for teachers to ensure a high level of rigour, inquiry, teaching best practice, international mindedness and inter/transdisciplinary are present
    • Ensure that all curricula is up to date and documented in ManageBac and keep the Principal informed when repeated efforts are unsuccessful in helping teachers meet deadlines and/or goals
  • Communication to the community
    • Meet with individual or groups of parents to review the programme, or specific aspects of the program, including meetings with parents whose children are about to enter a specific program and/or by presenting at Open House nights
    • Produce a program handbook for their respective program aimed at students and parents, updating it annually to ensure it has up-to-date information
  • Operations and Facilities
    • Manage reporting systems within the programme, including parent-teacher interviews, studentled conference and report cards
    • Ensure that the facilities and learning environment reflect and contribute to the delivery of the IB programme
  • BC Ministry of Education
    • Be familiar with the BC Ministry of Education curriculum and/or graduation requirements so as to help ensure that the Diploma Program meets the needs of students as required by the Ministry
    • Help alert teachers to any changes in the mandated curriculum
  • Staffing and Timetabling
    • Provide input to the Principal, or their designee, in the creation of a timetable and teaching assignments that meets the needs of students, the IB programs, standards and practices

Additional Responsibilities as a DP Coordinator:

  • Be familiar with, and act upon, all aspects of the DP Handbook for the Role of the Coordinator 
  • Prepare the annually updated DP Course Request Form and then the DP Course Selection Form in conjunction with the Senior School Principal to maximize student success within the school’s financial and/or staffing constraints
  • Support Grade 10 students, families and staff as students make DP course selections
  • Ensure that every student has selected the requirements that lead to DP candidacy (unless DP Certificate route is chosen as an alternative with parent permission)
  • Organize the DP fall retreat
  • Oversee the registration of students in online Pamoja courses
  • Ensure the core elements of The Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge are met
  • Contribute to the preparation of the master timetable and exam schedules
  • Review DP results when they are available and take appropriate actions to ensure all students have benefited from the maximum point total, including any requested re-marking or re-writing of exams
  • Collaborate with the Senior School Principal and Head of School to communicate results to families and the wider community
  • Ensure that the Group 4 project meets all IB requirements

Terms of Employment:

This position is also accompanied by release time from teaching duties in order to meet the requirements of the role. All other terms of employment not covered in this job description are outlined in the teaching job description, Employment Letter and/or the Employment Contract.

Application Procedure:

To be considered for an opening, please submit the documents listed below as one complete file. All applications will be kept on file for the academic year in which they are submitted; however, due to the number of applications received, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Application Requirements

Complete applications must include the following:

  • Current CV/resumé outlining work experience, previous training and educational background. 
    • For positions that work with children directly, preference is given to those with IB training and/or experience.
    • A reference list is preferred as part of the CV/resumé, however references will not be contacted without prior consent.
  • Letters of recommendation including one from the most recent supervisor.
    • Teaching applicants should have a minimum of three letters of recommendation.
    • All other positions should have a minimum of two letters of recommendation.

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