Executive Search & Recruitment Service

  • Knowledgeable and experienced recruiting consultants
  • Target Academic Faculty, Administrators and Executives
  • Extensive Private Network of Quality Candidates
  • Reduce Internal Costs and Risks
  • Guaranteed Quality of Hire
  • Unique and Affordable Fee Model

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How Does It’s Academic’s Search Service Work?

1. The Start

Your professional academic recruitment consultant will work with you closely to carry out a thorough job analysis. Once we’ve identified the tangible, core and soft competencies, we will develop a compelling and effective recruitment campaign.

2. The Search

We’ll use a complete array of search and sourcing techniques to find candidates who met your specifications, from direct headhunting to advertising across our internal database and external networks

3. Review Applicants

All candidates are carefully classified based on their qualifications and career objectives, then fully vetted and verified, credentials checked and introductory interviews undertaken, before any recommendations are made to a client.

4. Interviewing and Screening

After carefully looking at each applicant, we’ll present you with a shortlist of viable candidates. From there we can schedule interviews and use behavioural-based assessment techniques to ensure a great fit.

5. The Finish Line

Once the right candidate has been found, we will formulate a compelling pitch for your opportunity. Talented and qualified faculty and administration staff have the luxury to choose where they want to work, so we’ll ensure that the best candidates understand why they should join your team and then assist with the delicate negotiations often required to seal the deal.

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